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Acupressure is a type of body work that applies direct finger pressure to acupoints throughout the body. This procedure helps to reduce physical and emotional stress.

Life experiences cause stress. Such factors as environment, social, emotional, and physical experiences tend to cause tension and energy to collect at acupoints. Over time, these stressors begin to take their toll on a person's physical and mental well being acting like a recorded experience that can repeat the emotional stress over and over. The Chinese have found that by specifically and correctly manipulating these acupoints, an acupressure therapist can slowly cause the release of these often traumatic experiences.

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Our treatment rooms offer high quality sound systems utilizing digital audio and digital ©Dolby surround sound. Our sound systems ensure an immersion of sound and enhanced body and mind relaxation. Clients are welcome to bring their own music in CD or MP3 format.
Hot/Cold Therapy
Our therapists utilize warm towel wrap treatments when requested or needed. We also may apply cold therapy to injured areas when needed.
Table Warmers
Our massage and treatment tables have built-in warmers to ensure a comfortable and relaxing massage.
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